Why Do Canines Devour Rabbit Poop? Will It Make My Puppy Unwell?

Every now and then it sort of feels like our canine are forced to consume the grossest and maximum peculiar issues they may be able to in finding.

It will come with absolutely anything, starting from cigarette butts to diapers to ant traps. However lately, we’re going to discuss a specifically atypical predilection: Some canine like to consume rabbit poop.

Canines might consume rabbit poop for a couple of other causes, which we’ll speak about under. Don’t freak out although — this conduct is lovely not unusual, and it hardly ever results in critical sickness.

Then again, it will probably make your canine really feel rotten in some circumstances, and also you’ll wish to do no matter you’ll be able to to prevent it, as a result of, smartly, gross.

Learn on to be informed extra about this atypical factor and what you’ll be able to do about it.

  • Canines might eat rabbit poop for a lot of causes, together with dietary deficiencies, interest, and common ‘ol derpy canine conduct.
  • Whilst rabbit poop might purpose sickness in canine, it in most cases doesn’t sicken them or create any critical well being issues.
  • There are a couple of tactics you’ll be able to assist save you your canine from dining rabbit poop, which we’ll percentage.

Why Do Canines Devour Rabbit Poop?

As with all query in regards to the motivations of canine, we will be able to’t ever know needless to say why they do the issues they do. However we will be able to be somewhat positive that rabbit-poop-eating conduct frequently happens on account of some of the following causes:

  • Interest. People generally tend to discover our international by means of our sense of sight, however canine generally tend to make use of their senses of style and scent as an alternative. So, after they come across a small pile of rabbit poop, they provide it a style.
  • Dietary deficiencies. Some dietary deficiencies can cause canine to eat atypical pieces in an try to download the vitamins they require. For instance, rabbit feces is frequently wealthy in fiber and B-complex nutrients.
  • Pica. Pica is a situation wherein canine eat inedible (or most commonly inedible) pieces. This downside will also be led to through scientific issues, however it will probably additionally end result from compulsive issues.
  • Starvation. A hungry canine might take a look at absolutely anything that smells vaguely food-like, and a few canine seem to easily just like the style.

After all, whilst it isn’t an excessively pleasant resolution, it’s
at all times essential to keep in mind that canine do bizarre issues – identical to their house owners
(even though, optimistically, your bizarre behaviors don’t come with scavenging rabbit poop
from the backyard).

Is Consuming Rabbit Poop Unhealthy for Canines?

Rabbit feces is in most cases no longer unhealthy for canine. Then again, we will have to do what we will be able to to forestall them from dining it.

If not anything else, feces can conceivably function a meals supply for micro organism and different microscopic pathogens, which can make your canine unwell.

For that topic, your canine’s slobber finally ends up far and wide you and the whole lot you personal throughout the process day by day lifestyles, so it simply turns out prudent to stay poop out of his mouth.

However with all that stated, rabbit poop isn’t extraordinarily prone to make your canine unwell. Maximum parasites and pathogens present in rabbit poop are moderately species-specific and no longer able to infecting canine.  

For instance, canine who consume rabbit poop are frequently discovered to excrete
coccidia (one of those single-celled parasite) of their feces. Then again, those
coccidia organisms are innocuous in your canine, they usually’ll simply move proper on
via his machine.

Even supposing rabbit poop is usually innocuous to canine, you will have to at all times touch your vet if:

  • Your canine eats rabbit poop and starts throwing up
  • Your canine eats rabbit poop and begins experiencing diarrhea

Rabbits Would possibly Nonetheless Provide Risks to Your Doggo

Whilst rabbit poop itself doesn’t constitute a lot of a major
chance in your canine, the real rabbit could also be unhealthy.

(Insert necessary killer rabbit shaggy dog story right here).

Kidding apart, rabbits aren’t going to check out to combat your canine, however, in case your canine in truth catches and consumes a rabbit, he might turn out to be inflamed with tapeworms.

Moreover, rabbits frequently harbor fleas and ticks, together with some that can unfold tularemia or – even worse – bubonic plague (yup, that plague).

So, in case your canine turns out to tend to consume rabbit poop, otherwise you merely have a large number of rabbits for your belongings, you need to do what you’ll be able to to give protection to your pooch. This implies the usage of a just right preventative flea drugs (ideally, one that still works on ticks), and supervising your canine carefully whilst he’s rompin’ round within the again backyard.

Wait, Again Up: How Do I Distinguish Rabbit Poop from Different Forms of

Until you’re a seasoned natural world tracker otherwise you’ve stored bunnies as pets, you would possibly not even understand how to spot rabbit poop or distinguish it from the droppings of alternative animals. However don’t fear – it’s no longer arduous to be informed.

First, it is very important notice that rabbits in truth produce
two various kinds of “quantity twos.”

One kind is precise feces – correct poop, you might say.

Those droppings are more-or-less spherical in form, and each and every is in regards to the dimension of a pea. They’re principally brownish in colour, however you might also see grass, hay, or different plant subject matter jumbled in. Those poops are in most cases deposited in small piles right through the rabbit’s turf.

The opposite form of droppings that rabbits produce are referred to as cecotropes.

Merely put, cecotropes are pellets produced through the cecum (a part of the massive gut), and they’re produced from in part digested meals. They’re produced a number of hours after the rabbit eats, in most cases at evening.

Cecotropes are frequently a bit of smaller than customary feces (technically, they aren’t feces in any respect), they usually’re frequently smooshed in combination right into a unmarried mass. In addition they generally tend to have a feature and robust smell, whilst standard rabbit feces handiest produces an excessively slight smell.

dog eating rabbit poop
Picture from North Carolina State College.

This begs an glaring query: Why do bunnies produce two other types of poop?

Smartly (and I truly hope you aren’t dining whilst studying this), that’s as a result of rabbits will eat cecotropes to get pleasure from the undigested meals contained inside of them.


Then again, this additionally signifies that you’re no longer as prone to in finding cecotropes as you might be standard rabbit poop – except the bunny who made them used to be startled or one thing, it might most likely consume them prior to your canine has the risk to take action.

From a dog well being point of view, it doesn’t truly topic whether or not your canine eats rabbit feces or cecotropes.

How you can Forestall a Canine from Consuming Rabbit Poop?

Sadly, there aren’t many straightforward and efficient tactics to curtail
your dog’s poop-eating conduct. However the next methods might turn out

  • Supervise your canine when he’s out of doors. I realize it generally is a bother to accompany your canine each and every time he is going within the yard to play or resolution nature’s name, however it is going to assist cut back the possibilities of your canine eating rabbit poop (or anything that can be unhealthy within the yard).
  • Educate your canine a “drop it” or “depart it” command. Although you supervise your canine within the yard, you’ll want so to forestall him from dining rabbit poop if he’s no longer inside of arm’s achieve. So, ensure he learns a “depart it” or “drop it” command and follow it incessantly.
  • Use a muzzle. In the event you’re not able to accompany your poop-eating canine each and every time he is going out of doors, you might merely want to have compatibility him with a muzzle. There are a variety of nice canine muzzles available on the market, and you’ll be able to additionally make a DIY muzzle of your personal.  
  • Attempt to exclude the rabbits out of your backyard. It isn’t at all times simple to exclude rabbits out of your land (as our Aussie readers can indubitably verify), however you’ll be able to do such things as disposing of most well-liked meals assets and striking forged obstacles across the perimeter of your own home. Additionally, attempt to get rid of brush piles and different hiding puts rabbits will use.
  • Paintings with a dog behaviorist should you suspect that your canine is affected by PICA. In case your canine’s poop-eating conduct appear to be led to through PICA, make an appointment along with your vet to make sure he isn’t affected by any scientific issues and speak to a dog behaviorist to handle the problem.


In the long run, your canine’s rabbit-poop downside most definitely gained’t
result in critical well being problems, however it nonetheless is smart to deter your
doggo from munching on some of these “backyard treats.” It’s, on the other hand, essential
that you just save you your canine from dining precise rabbits he might in finding to your backyard,
as this will purpose him to turn out to be unwell.

Does your canine make a addiction of dining rabbit poop? Have
you discovered an effective way to prevent it? Proportion your ideas and studies in
the feedback under!  

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